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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hillary Denies Gay Rumors

Hillary Clinton denied persistant rumors that she is a Lesbian. The rumors have dogged her for years, but it's the first time she's acknowledged them. Oddly enough, she choose to denounce the rumors in a gay magazine interview! (The Advocate.) Democrats have long courted the gay vote, and she will continue to get homosexual support whether she denies being one or not. Now the big question is, when EITHER Clinton says there was "no sex with that woman", can it possibly be true? Meanwhile, in other gay political denials, Senator Craig continues to fight his guilty plea for lewd behavior in an airport bathroom stall. Now he is said to want to reverse his resignation date as well. See Chick's SIN CITY.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Episcopal Church Reverses Pro-Gay Agenda... (sorta)

After dramatic grass roots objections by members (especially overseas), the pro-gay Episcopal leadership agreed to reverse coarse and stop ordinating openly gay Bishops or blessing same-sex marriages. The last gay bishop they ordained turned out to be an alcoholic, and many church members left in protest. (Our church in Tallahassee broke in two, with the minister leaving with half the congregation to start a new Anglican Church.) Despite promotion and encouragement from left-of-center news sources like NPR, the "Elite" leadership seems to have finally gotten the message (or noticed the loss of revenues) and has backed down from their in-your-face changes and has returned to a more Biblical based agenda. (Perhaps the many prayers were answered.) Of course, not ordinating "openly gay" Bishops doesn't remove any of the gays and lesbians that are already Bishops, or stop them from ordinating more who haven't publically admitted being gay. And it remains to be seen if the thousands of families who left the church will come back. See Chick's DOOM TOWN.

Mormon Leader Guilty of Rape

Warren Jeffs, the fundamentalist Mormon leader who ordered underaged girls to marry older men as part of their Mormon duty, was found guilty of being an Accomplice to Rape. The case that got him in trouble with the law involved ordering a 14-year-old girl to marry her 19-year-old first cousin. (He arranged similar marriages many times with other Mormon girls.) Article at:
Rumor has it that Chick Publications is working on another Mormon expose. See Chick's earlier effort, THE VISITORS.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Iran threatens Israel and warns U.S.A. to keep out of Mideast

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad struck a confrontational tone Saturday with a parade of fighter jets and missiles and tough warnings for the United States to stay out of the Mideast.

The parade also featured the Ghadr missile, which has a range of 1,120 miles, capable of reaching Israel.

Some of the missile trucks were painted with the slogans "Down with the U.S." and "Down with Israel." The parade also featured unmanned aerial surveillance drones, torpedoes, and tanks.
Tensions are high between Washington and Tehran over U.S. accusations that Iran is secretly trying to develop nuclear weapons and helping Shiite militias in Iraq that target U.S. troops. Iran denies the claims.

"Those who prevented Iran, at the height of the war from getting even barbed wire must see now that all the equipment on display today has been built by the mighty hands and brains of experts at Iran's armed forces," Ahmadinejad said.

His request to lay a wreath at the World Trade Center site was denied and condemned by Sept. 11 family members and politicians. Protests against his Columbia appearance are planned at the university and the United Nations by demonstrators angry at his questioning of the Holocaust and declarations that Israel will cease to exist.

Bible prophecy buffs, including Jack Chick, have warned for decades that Armegeddon will happen in the Middle East. It's amazing that this modern Hitler is being allowed into the United States. If Hitler were alive and well, no doubt the ACLU would rush to his defense. See Chick's "The Godfathers" and "Holocaust"

ACLU joins Senator Craig In Bathroom Stall Suit

The ACLU will sometimes defend embarrassing right wing law suits in an attempt to suggest they are not just a pawn of the Democratic Party (though few folks are fooled by it). Their latest such effort is to offer to help defend Senator Craig in reversing the charge he plead guilty to earlier in an airport bathroom. The cops said he signaled he wanted sex by tapping his foot in stall, then reached his hand down to the edge of the stall. Craig says he was reaching for a piece of paper on the floor... (It was probably a Chick tract. Bathrooms are great places for such comics, especially gay hang outs for titles like DOOM TOWN. Haw-haw-haw!)

Brady Bunch Adopts Addams Family Values

Maureen McCormick, the child actress that played Marsha Brady in the 1970's family situation comedy, exploits her experience and strange liaisons in her new tell-all book. She claims she had a lesbian sexual relationship with her on-air younger sister, Jan Brady (Eve Plumb). Jan was the girl in the middle who often had braces (ouch!). If that wasn't twisted enough, fellow on-air brother Greg Brady (Barry Williams) claims he had a relationship with his TVsister Marsha and his TV mom, Florence Henderson! And of course, Mr. Brady eventually died of AIDS, so we can guess what he did for fun. (I'm afraid to wonder what sort of dirty laundry their maid Alice was washing!) See Chick's WOUNDED CHILDREN

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Chavez Pushes National Socialism in Venezuela

Taking a page straight out of Hitler's playbook, Dictator and National Socialist Hugu Chavez declared that all private schools in Venezula would be closed unless they preached the virtues of Socialism. What's next? Slave Labor camps for political enemies? See Chick's HOLOCAUST.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Moral's Debate for GOP Hopefuls

A debate for Republican Presidential Candidates is scheduled, but the front runners are all dodging it for various reasons. Mitt Romney doesn't want his Mormon membership bashed, so he's planning on avoiding it. Rudy Giuliani doesn't want his multiple marriages, or his abortion and gay marriage stands discussed, so he's avoiding it also. Fred Thompson doesn't want his fornication to become an issue (although he wasn't married when they occurred), so may be skipping as well. John McCain is probably skipping because he's the most liberal of the bunch. It all looks pretty bad for Republicans, but it's even worse for Democrats. ALL their candidates refused to attend any such debates in the future. Not a single one said they would show up! See Chick's SIN BUSTERS.

O.J. Arrested for Robbery

O.J. Simpson, the football hero who murdered his ex-wife and her "friend", is finally behind bars. He burst in and "stole back" stuff that had stolen from his home and was now offered for sale by a sports memorabilia dealer. Most people would have sent the cops to fetch the material, but O.J. didn't want the law to know he had anything of value that the Goldmans might get a cut of from their successful law suit against him. Unfortunately for O.J., the dealer taped the entire episode and now he faces up to 30 years for armed robbery. Expect another book soon, "If I did that, too." See Chick's BUSTED.

St. Petersburg Plans Settlement

The Catholic diocese in the Saint Petersburg, Fl, put together a fund to settle with the 37 claims of sexual misconduct by priests with (mostly) young teen-aged boys. Get this, they plan on paying just $1,000,000.... TOTAL. Wishful thinking guys, but you'll need about 37 times that amount if you plan to keep the vampire lawyers at bay! See Chick's MEN IN BLACK.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Mormons Exposed!

There is a new calendar coming out featuring Mormon missionaries posing in semi-nude cheesecake poses. These Mormon men are trying to break the stereotype of Latter Day Saint repressed conservatism by posing in the shirtless photos.
See Chick's "The Visitors"

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fred Goldman Cashes In On Son's Death

After successfully protesting the marketing of "If I Did It", O.J. Simpson's book about the double murders of Simpson's ex-wife and Ron Goldman, Ron's father Fred Goldman now has the rights and is selling the book himself. What a sell out. See Chick's HUMBUG!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Murderess Gets Gig on Oprah

Oprah will soon feature Mary Winkler, the woman who blew out her preacher/husband's brains with a shot gun and only got 7 months jail. On the stand, she said her husband abused her and made her wear shirts and high heels. She also said the death was intentional (then why did she try to justify his death by saying he abused her?). Now, she's getting stardom and suing to take the children away from the parent's whose son she killed. No doubt Oprah will do her best to present the killer in the most sympathetic light. See Chick's BAD BOB.

Congress Debates, Bin Ladin Speaks, Nation Mourns

While the nation mourns the September 11th attacks from 2001, politicians discuss (and many criticize) the war in Iraq. Meanwhile, Bin Ladin releases a tape praising the mass murder of 9/11 and brow beats Democrats for failing to force a pull-out of troops in Iraq. Senator Boxer and Sen. Finegold take the lead in urging a retreat, but others will probably give the new government more time to establish control to avoid full scale genocide and a collapse of the newly formed state. For his part, Bin Ladin offered to end his terrorist attacks if everyone in the USA would just convert to Islam-what a deal. See Chick's WHO CARES.

Catholics Shell Out Another $198 Million

Another settlement for sexually abused Californian teens (and sometimes pre-teens) by Catholic priests is paid out. This time, the payout is $198 million. Meanwhile, the Berkeley diocese is filing for bankruptcy protection to avoid paying hundreds of millions as well. See Chick's SIN CITY and MEN IN BLACK.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Rev. D. James Kennedy Dies

Mega Church leader Rev. James Kennedy dies at age 76 of complications from heart troubles. He led a megachurch of over 10,000 members, and was a founding member of the Moral Majority. He promoted conservative lifestyles and tried to undermine media and left wing attempts to mainstream gay marriage and other alternate life choices. He urged followers to witness every day (which of course, is also what Chick promotes). See Chick's The Letter.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Chick Publishes 200th Tract

Chick's 200th original story is released today. It's called THERE GO THE DINOSAURS. It's about how the Dinosaurs co-existed with man and that Evolution is bunk. The Chick Tract Club celebrated the event with reprinting a long lost tract, WHAT'S YOUR SCORE. Congrats Chick Publications!

Wiccan New Age Shop Owner Wins $48 Million Lotto

A New Age Shop owner "made a deal with the Wiccan Gods" to win the Lotto so he could teach more Wicca. He won $48 million. But will he fry forever in Hell for his efforts? Maybe we'll find out in the upcoming Battlecry!

The Wicca Man Article: