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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Witch may be pardoned

A few residents of Virginia Beach petition to pardon Grace Shirwood from her 300 year old conviction for Witchcraft. Shirwood was dunked in the local river to see if she floated. She did, and that proved to the earlier residents that she was in league with the devil. She was executed for witchcraft in one of this countries last famous witch hunts. See Chick's POOR LITTLE WITCH.

Shelters ban black cat adoptions

Various animal shelters formalize a ban on the adoption of black cats, out of fear they will be sacrificed to Satan on Halloween, or face other mistreatment. See Chick's HERE KITTY, KITTY.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

UK church leader supports Muslim veils

The Archbishop of the Church of England weighs in on the wearing of the Muslim veil, saying he believes outlawing of the veil would be dangerous for Democracy. He went on to say that the overally secularization of society was disturbing. The English public has recently been debating if such veils should be aloud because they are "symbols of separation" and contribute to segregation.

LA Catholic Church settles for $10 million

The LA archdiocese agrees to pay $10 million for sexual abuse of minors (young boys) by priests. The payments will go to eight victims and their lawyers. Still unsettled are 560 outstanding claims. See Chick's MEN IN BLACK.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bush slams New Jersey (gay) activists judges

Reminding the voters of what's at stake in the upcoming election, Bush slams the recent New Jersey activist judge decision that grants gay couples the same rights as normal married couples. He did so at a recent campaign stop. Meanwhile, Democrats continue their assault on the Iraq war, claiming we're losing and that changing the Congress will somehow improve the situation... Although they give no details how dividing the government could possibly make things better. See Chick's THE GAY BLADE.

Chinese caught on tape murdering Tibetans

Chinese communists guards have long denied shooting unarmed Tibetans as they attempted to sneak out of their Chinese occupied country, but recently, a Romanian mountain climbing group filmed just such an incident. 75 Tibetians braved 17 days of cold mountain hiking to escape, but when they reached the border of Nepal, the communists fired rifles at them with no warning. "They are shooting at them like dogs" one voice on the tape can be heard saying. Two were killed, including a 25 year-old Buddhist nun. 35 were arrested, the rest escaped. About 2,500 attempt to leave each year since the 1951 invasion by Chinese. Meanwhile, China tries to convince Tiawan it should join the mainland in peace, but events in Tibet demonstrate a darker future for those that China takes over. Chick profiled various Chinese crimes against humanity in Tibet in his out of print tract, KINGS OF THE EAST.

Masons attempt desegregation

Did you know that in the South, many of the Masons are still segregated? So it is in 12 states. They are officially brothers in most states, but not all lodges provide "mutual recognition" to members of a different color lodge... And often times, it's the black lodges that refuse to consider the white lodges as brethren! It's not just in the South, either. Just last month, the Masons in Delaware finally got around to ending a 150 year tradition of segregation by signing a compact of recognition. The North only started to recognize black Masons slowly after Connecticut started the trend in 1989. See Chick's GOOD OL' BOYS.

Chick Museum visited by Yanks

Two New Yorkers swing through Tallahassee to visit the Jack Chick Museum of Fine Art. Brian Kelly and his friend, Shaun, stop by to check out some Chicks (tracts, that is). We had lunch and went through some 1960s oversized tracts, as well as other out of print titles. Brian went to Dr. Peter Ruckman's Bible School as a student, and it was interesting to hear tales of another Biblical artist. Ruckman painted the big book of "Ruckman's Apocalypse", and also draws pictures for the audience as he gives his church sermons. He's over 80 years old, and recovering from back surgery. But he's usually very active, and jogs several miles daily in his bare feet!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Chick Stalker Stalked!

While passing out coupons for our school club fund raiser (a haunted house), I was surprised to discover that someone had placed Chick tracts on top of each one within five minutes of it being laid out in the first place! Other activists would have likely taken the coupons and thrown them away to censor the message they disagreed with, but this unknown Christian chose to respond with a Chick tract and let the public decide for themselves. (It's a far cry from the "foaming at the mouth fundamentalist fanatic" image that is often presented in the media.) The tract titles used were "Happy Halloween" and "Who is Allah?"

Muslim sues to wear veil as teacher

A Muslim teacher sues to teach while wearing a veil draped across her face, despite complaints from students who say they have difficulty understanding her. She is a new teacher and did not wear the veil when she interviewed... But did when she showed up to work (surprise!). Meanwhile, no verdict on the Christian who was suspended for wearing a cross necklace to her job at British Airlines.

Catholic Priest admits relationship with Foley

As the Mark Foley sexual flirting scandal continues to play out before the election, a Catholic priest steps forward and admits he had an "inappropriate relationship"with Foley when the former Congressman was an eleven-year-old alter boy. He also says there was no sex involved, just swimming naked together and chilling out in the hot sauna nude together. (Didn't Clinton claim a similar defense? It was only an "inappropriate relationship" and no sex was involved? Guess it depends on what our definition of "sex" is.) The priest will no longer be allowed to wear his vestments or perform services until an investigation is concluded. And the story will continue to be a front page scandal until Nov. 7th.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Christian woman sues over wearing cross

A Christian woman sues British Airways for suspending her for wearing a cross. Her lawyer says it is religious discrimination, because the UK based airline allows Muslim workers to wear religious scarves, and Indian workers to wear turbans.

School principal resigns over killing kittys

A school principal resigns over shooting kittens on school property. He says he did it so they wouldn't starve after their mother was killed in a trap. By strange coincidence, Chick's latest tract is about a similar story, only a school teacher prevents the killing of a kitty and saves the day. Could the recent cat killing have been inspired by a tract found on the lunch room floor? Let's hope not! See Chick's HERE KITTY KITTY.

1st gay Congressman dies... finally.

America's first openly gay Congressman/ statutory rapist dies at the age of 69. Gerry Studds was a Democrat who admitted to sodomizing one of the 17 year old pages he was entrusted with, making the current scandal of sending suggestive emails to another under age page by a Republican Congressman seem pale in comparison. Unlike Mark Foley, Studds did not resign, nor was he prosicuted for statutory rape for sex with an underaged child, but was instead re-elected by Democrats for several more terms. In his obit, the media glorifies the rapists political achievements and only mentions his previous crimes in passing, while continuing to feed the two week old feeding frenzy over Mark Foley. (I guess lude remarks with minors are far worse than illegal sex with them.) See Chick's DOOM TOWN.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

"October Surprise" continues to thrive in news

The big scandal over Mark Foley continues to get top billing in the media. Whispers are being heard that political operatives held the story back for months until just before the election to create an "October surprise" and throw Republicans off balance during the rest of the election. Will it work? No telling... Yet. (But I expect to see this story played and replayed week after week right up until election day.) Interestingly, the Labor party in England (the equivalent of the Democrats over there) made it legal for adults to sodemize 16 and 17 year old boys in the UK just last year. Wouldn't it be ironic if the Democrats win the election with this scandal so they can make the same thing legal here at home?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

GOP gay guy was molested by Catholic clergy

Now former GOP Representative Mark Foley claims he was molested as a youth by Catholic clergy. Instead of knowing what it was like to suffer at the hands of a gay molester and acting accordingly, he decided to keep the tradition alive. What would Alberto say? Meanwhile, the Democratic gay predator Rep. Barny Frank remains noticeably absent from the current debate. (He's usually right there to call anyone who questions gay issues a bigot.) See Chick's DOOM TOWN.

Monday, October 02, 2006

2 priests charged with stealing $8.4 million

Two priests were charged with stealing $8.4 million from their Catholic church, and only one has been apprehended. The other is still on the run. (Makes you wonder: If they confessed to the crime in the confessional, would they get turned in? And what if the fugitive runs into a church and claims sanctuary? What does a priest spend $8.4 million on, anyway?) See Chick's MEN IN BLACK.

Gay Congressman checks into hospital for addiction

Gay GOP congressman Foley, who was caught sending suggestive homosexual emails to a 16 year old page and forced to resign a month before his re-election, checked himself into a hospital for alcoholism today. (It was the devil's brew that made him do it.) Meanwhile, his democratic opponent denied he was behind the leaking of the scandal to the press... although he gained the most from it and he didn't stand a chance at winning otherwise. Other Democrats are demanding full investigations, hoping the public has forgotten what they did when left wing representative Gerry Studs was caught having sex with a young male page in the Congressional gym. (They refused to remove him and only censored him.) Now they're outraged the Republicans "were more concerned about retaining power than protecting our children." Don't expect to see the normally outspoken Rep. Frank (another high ranking Democratic who was involved in a gay scandal) to address this story with a nine foot pole! See Chick's SIN CITY.