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Monday, March 31, 2008

Cave Christians Return

In November of last year, about 35 members of the Christian cult entered the cave near the village of Nikolskoye, 400 miles southeast of Moscow, in early November to await the end of the world, which they expected in May. They threatened to detonate gas canisters if police tried to remove them by force. Today they started to leave. Their prophet came back from the mental hospital to talk them out of the wait. See Chick's THE GREAT ESCAPE.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Record on Ebay Tract Values

A medium oversized WHY NO REVIVAL (measuring 5 x 4.25 inches) broke all previous prices, selling for a whopping $622! This tract had art different from the current version (but the same as the other oversized WHY NO REVIVAL?s) though it does has a drawing not found in any other versions (reproduced on page 160 of THE ART OF JACK CHICK).

Monday, March 24, 2008

Another Political Sex Scandal

Fresh on the heals of Gov. Spitzer being forced from office for a sex scandal, and then his replacement, Gov. Patterson admitting he also cheated on his wife, is yet another Democrat in hot water for the same thing. Kwame Kilpatrick, the black mayor of Detroit, testified to the Grand Jury that he wasn't involved in a sexual relationship with his aid-- but telephone texting messages say otherwise. Now he faces numerous counts for purjury, etc. A similar situation helped Democrats claim there was a Republican "Culture of Corruption" in 2004, and make big election gains. It is unclear if any similar fallout will effect the Democrats in this election cycle. See Chick's CAUGHT!

Charities Urge UK Reps to Allow Man/Animal Mixing

Over 200 medical charities used a letter writing campaign to urge Parliment members to allow mixing of animal and human DNA in research. (Church organizations are fearcly opposed to it.) Supporters deny that the mixed speciese embryos will be brought to term, but used istead for medical research. See Chick's WHO MURDERED CLARICE?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Christians and Vatican Celebrate Easter

Christians celebrate Easter, and the Pope celebrates by converting a man to Catholicism who was born a Muslim but never practiced. It is unclear what reaction the Muslims will have, though it is likely to be hostile. Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, in a new audio message posted last week, accused Benedict of playing a role in what he called a "new Crusade" against Islam. See Chick's MEN OF PEACE?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Christians everywhere celebrate Good Friday, the Friday before the Resurection celebration of Easter. See Chick's EMPTY TOMB.

Chinese Crack Down on Invaded Neighbor

Communist China cracked down on Tibet, the Country they invaded and have occupied for decades. Monks recently protested, and Chinise soldiers responded with gun fire, killing dozens. The Dali Lama has asked to meet with leaders to end the bloodshed, but the communists say the spiritual leader (and rightful ruler, who lives in exile)must first renounce all claims for independence. He won't. See Chick's KINGS OF THE EAST.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama Gives Major Speech

The politician who refused to wear an American flag pen on his lapel or place his hand over his heart during the National Anthem suddenly decided to use not one, not two, but EIGHT American flags for the backdrop of his latest speech. Obama made earlier demands that Don Imus and Senator Trent Lott should lose their jobs for making racially devisive remarks, but this week he found himself in a similar situation when the minister he named his "spiritual advisor" (and dedicated his latest book after) made numerous racist remarks during his 20 years of sermons at Obama's church. Obama first said he never heard any of the remarks, but as more and more were found and played on TV, he responded with a major speech saying he heard them but couldn't disavow the minister any more than he could disavow the black community. A crowd of his invited supporters accepted the speech with great applause. It remains to be seen how the rest of America will. See Chick's REVERAND WONDERFUL.

New New York Leader, New Scandals

The New Governor Patterson proudly pronounced "I AM the Governor of New York!" on Monday. But on Tuesday, he was crowing a different tune. Well, eating crow would be more like it. He dragged his wife out in front of the cameras and announced they were both adulterers. Apparently, he heard the newspapers knew about it and thought it was better if he broke the news, giving him a chance to suggest it wasn't so bad because she also cheated on him. (Guess it runs in the family.) Sounds like the more things change, the more they stay the same. See Chick's BUSTED.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kidnapped Archbishop Buried

The Archbishop that was kidnapped in Iraq earlier was found dead. The Pope spoke out against his killers in a Mass, condemning "the violence, the slaughter, the hatred" that is fueling the secular bloodshed. However, the Associated Press is reporting that he is condemning "the war", as if he wants the US forces that are trying to keep a lid on the violence to leave. Since the Mass is delivered in Latin, few can tell his words and those being reported are not the same. See Chick's THE POOR POPE.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Obama Preacher Called Racist

ABC news does a report of Senator Obama's church and the minister who uses racist rhetoric to whip up the black congregation. Scenes from his sermons where he calls the USA the USKKK, and screams "God Damn America!" are shown on Youtube. Obama downplays the remarks, saying the inflammatory minister is like an uncle who sometimes says crazy things, but the Rev. Wright is also the one who Obama dedicated his book to. See Chick's WHY NO REVIVAL? (yellow version).

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Iranian Claims He's Gay to Stay-- but gets the boot anyway!

A 19-year-old Iranian student claims he is gay in order to stay in Europe as a political refugee, but Britain and the Netherlands aren't buying it. Mohdi Kazemi claims he is a homosexual and his boyfriend/ sex partner was executed in Iran for Sodomy. Of course, there is no way to prove the other guy was executed or that he ever even heard of Kazemi. Illegal immigrants will make all sorts of claims to get citizenship and Britain refused his request. He then ran to the Netherlands, which has an even bigger gay population and he made the same claims to them, but they have been flooded with Arab immigrants and have suffered many problems as a result, so they are also reluctant to believe him. On the other hand, some activist groups claim that homosexuals who openly practice what Islam describes as one of the worst sins are in fact executed. One such group says ten gay Iranians have been put to the sword since 2005. Either way, Kazemi probably would have been safe if he didn't publically make his claims in the media, but he's gambling that gay groups will lobby for him to stay. If he's wrong and if he gets sent back, he could have some explaining to do. See Chick's THE GAY BLADE.

"Dr. Death" Runs for Congress

Dr. Jack Kevorkian, aka "Dr. Death" announced he plans on running for Congress in Michigen without any party affilation. Kevorkian served time in prison for helping people with terminal diseases die in their (drug induced) sleep. He says he wants to run because we need honest politicians. See Chick's NO FEAR.

Gov. Spitzer Resigns

The Governor of New York resigns. It is unclear if the FBI or other law enforcement will pursue with charges related to Spitzer's ten year history of renting of prostitutes, having spent an estimated $80,000 on sex with women outside his marriage. See Chick's CAUGHT!

25-50% of US teens have STDs

A new medical survey finds that almost half of all black teenage girls have sexual transmitted diseases, and nearly 1 and 4 white and hispanic teenaged girls have STDs. The results were for American teens age 13-19. See Chick's THAT CRAZY GUY.

Monday, March 10, 2008

"Mr. Clean" caught in Sex ring

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer (Democrat) is caught involved in a high priced prostitution ring, paying thousands for sex outside his marriage. He apologized using language echoing Clinton's famous semi-admission of "causing pain in my marriage." But Spitzer's version is: "I have disappointed and failed to live up to the standard I expected of myself. I must now dedicate some time to regain the trust of my family." In other words, he says he's sorry, but won't say what he's sorry for (if anything).

Meanwhile, the affidavit based on the wiretap told of a man identified as Spitzer paying $4,300 in cash, some of it credit for future trysts, some of it for sex with a "petite, pretty brunette, 5-feet-5 inches, and 105 pounds," named Kristen. See Chick's ROYAL AFFAIR.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Chavez Accuses US of Raid

Hugo Chavez, the Socialist dictator of Venezuela, accused the US of sending soldiers in a Colombian raid that killed a FARC terrorist leader. Chavez provided no proof of the accusation, and like many of his claims, it appears to be false. What he did not deny, however, was the the Colombians also found computer files showing Socialist governments like Venezuela's have been supporting the terrorists in efforts to destabilize Columbia. (The BBC reported that one file showed $300 million in government aid to the terrorists.) The news media in general has barely reported this aspect of the story, focusing instead on the how provocative it was for Columbia to cross the border to kill the FARC leader. See Chick's FAT CATS.

Obama Says Jesus Supports Gay Unions

Obama addressed his religious beliefs a speech to a crowd in Ohio last Sunday. He claimed he was a "devout Christian", but went on to say he supported gay unions and abortion. (In 2001, he voted against efforts to describe premature babies born via induced labor as "persons".) In what is likely to be used against him in election ads, Obama said that Jesus and the Sermon on the Mount were evidence that Jesus also supported homosexual unions. He went on to say he would push for same sex unions and give homosexuals adoption rights if elected President. He stated in an earlier open letter that, "As your President, I will use the bully pulpit to urge states to treat same-sex couples with full equality in their family and adoption laws. I personally believe that civil unions represent the best way to secure that equal treatment. But I also believe that the federal government should not stand in the way of states that want to decide on their own how best to pursue equality for gay and lesbian couples--whether that means a domestic partnership, a civil union, or a civil marriage." See Chick's SIN CITY.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Navy Muslim faces charges

A Muslim Navy man faces 25 years for helping terrorists track his ship. This must be the Navy's answer to the Muslim Army soldier who tossed a gernade into the tint of his superiors when the Iraq invasion began. (And then they wonder why airport security profiles them?) See Chick's WHO CARES?

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Kids having kids...

Just when you think the news of kids having kids can't get any worse, a taxi driver in the Bronx confesses that he made up his story about a guy who left a baby in his cab. It turns out he was trying to help his 24-year-old girl friend with a scheme to get rid of her 14-year-old little sister's baby. And here's the clincher: The father of the unwanted baby is 27 years old! Suddenly, those far fetched tract stories don't seem so far fetched! See Chick's SOMEBODY LOVES ME.

Arch Bishop Priest-napped

A Catholic Arch Bishop in Iraq was kid/priest-napped in Bagdad. Three of his employees were murdered in the process. It's unclear if the gun men were Al Qaeda terrorists or secular hoods. See Chick's MEN OF PEACE?

Another Religious Fraud

Another religious faker is exposed, this time a Belgium woman who claimed to be a Jewish Holocaust survivor. She wrote the bestselling "autobiographical novel", SURVIVING WITH WOLVES, about how she escaped Nazi death camps and made her way through Europe as a little girl with nothing more than a compass. She claimed she was eventually taken in by wolves and raised by them. The media cast her as a hero and her novel sold millions. No one dared question her outlandish story out of fear of being called insensitive or anti-Jewish. But the truth has recently come out. She isn't Jewish, she never was in a slave labor camp, and the only wolves she ever saw were in a zoo. The publishers are trying to put a nice spin on it though. They say she really felt Jewish and yaddi yaddi yah... Whatever. (They want everyone to feel sorry for her and keep buying her book, but it's a long shot. They must not have heard of the girl who cried "wolf!") See Chick's BUSTED!