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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Three 5 cent Chick Tracts Sell For Over $500!

Inflation. It may be down for the nation over all, but when it comes to vintage Chick tracts, one really needs to shell out some cash! Three tracts sold last night on ebay for a combined total of over $500! A medium oversized THIS WAS YOUR LIFE went for $90, a same sized version of DEMON'S NIGHTMARE went for $125, and the original 1966 version of SOMEBODY GOOFED (with no demons on the cover) went for $309! That's quite an increase from the original 5 cent retail price... Better buy more from while the price is still 15 each.

Muslims Arrested in UK For Beheading Plot

Several Muslim fanatics were arrested in England today for plotting to kidnap a fellow Muslim who was also a soldier. They planned on sawing off his head and broadcasting it on the net. Fortunately, these nuts will now "be heading" to jail. (And they wonder why Chick and company portrays their faith as bloody and satanic? Get thee a mirror!) See Chick's MEN OF PEACE?

Monday, January 29, 2007

5 Quaker Players Arrested For Hate Crimes

Five Quaker football players were arrested for beating up three Palestinians after a game. The Greensborough (North Carolina) Police say the incident was motivated by racial/ religious reasons and have filed Hate Crime charges. The Quakers, aka, "Society of Friends" are famous for being pacifists and refusing to fight for America during times of war. See Chick's WHO CARES?

Woman Terrorist Sentenced to Death In Jordan

A woman who's bomb belt failed to detonate and kill other women and children at a wedding party was sentenced to death yesterday in Jordan. She was one of three sent on the mission of suicide/murder. Her husband's bomb did go off, so they will soon be together (in hell). See Chick's THE SKYLIGHTER.

Troops destroy Hundreds of Religious Terrorists

US and Iraqi troops discovered an orchard filled with terrorists planning to attack Muslims on their way to celebrate an Islamic Holiday. Over three hundred of the terrorists, most of them foreign (Al Queda) fighters, were destroyed in the sweeping military operation. Coalition forces intercepted Al Queda plans to start a religious war between the two Muslim factions in Iraq (a plan that was initiated two years ago) and this scheme was just the latest in those efforts. Large military stashes of weapons have also been discovered on the scene and destroyed. It would seem Allah is siding with the pilgrams and not terrorists this holiday. See Chick's THE PILGRIMAGE.

Jesuit/ Congressman Robert Drinan Dies

The Jesuit and Former Congressman Robert Drinan just died. He was the first Priest / Jesuit to vote in the US Congress in 200 years. He was a liberal Democrat, so much so that he actually voted for public funding of abortions. He resigned his office when Pope John Paul ordered all Priests to get out of politics. (Almost all of them were liberal political activists, but only a few of them refused the new order.) Drinan also filed the first articles of impeachment against Nixon. Ironically, both men were forced to resign. See Chick's WHO KILLED CLARICE?

Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Blast From The Protest Past

Baby Boomers who missed a chance to protest Vietnam got a chance to march in Washington today. The usual assortment of activist actors also appeared (Sean Penn, Jane Fonda, Tim Robins, etc.) They even rushed police and surged toward the Capital chanting "Our Congress". (What an endorsement.) They don't seem to understand that unlike Vietnam, the enemy will follow us home this time. In fact, they already demonstrated their goals on 9/11. Whether you were for the invasion or not (I wasn't) even Hillary and other left wing but practical politicians realize that if we run, we still can't hide. See Chick's WHO CARES?

Barack & Clinton fight over Fox & CNN report

Senator Barack Obama, the freshman mulatto Senator that liberals are excited to run against Senator Hillary Clinton, takes a hit in a Fox news report that he attended a Muslim Madrassa school while living as a youngster in Indonesia. CNN quickly raced to his defense, reporting the school isn't a religious one after all. But the real fireworks are over the source of the report, which were "researchers for Hillary Clinton". Two years to go and already the left hand is hitting the other left hand! For Chick's take on Muslim brainwashing of youngsters, check out THE SKYLIGHTER.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Actor Goes to Rehab for Demeaning Gays

Grey's Anatomy actor Isaiah Washington agrees to go to rehab to avoid getting fired for calling a gay actor a "faggot". ABC scrambled to undo the damage as gay activists demanded action. ABC arranged meetings with Washington and gay groups (GLSEN & GLAAD) after alerting him that his job was on the line. Washington (a black man) begged forgiveness and now allows himself to be described as having mental issues. As the executive Producer of the show frames it, "We applaud and encourage Isaiah's realization that he needs help and his subsequent choice to seek immediate treatment for his behavioral issues." That's right, the straight guy is the one who is deviant and needs help, haw-haw! Chick uses a similar story line in SIN CITY, where a black minister is forced to seek counseling because he protested the gay pride parade.

England Threatens for Force Churches To Sponsor Gay Adoptions

The archbishop of the Church of England sends a letter to the English government siding with the Catholic Church demanding that a new law not force Churches to help gays adopt children. The Catholic Church runs many adoption agencies to place unwanted children in new families to help avoid abortion. Forcing them to place the children with gay parents is against their religious beliefs (not to mention, their recent experience with gay priests molesting young boys in their care). One government official fired back that the letter amounted to "blackmail" from the church. See Chick's DOOM TOWN.

Israel's President Faces His Own Monica Scandal

In a strange parallel to the Clinton sex scandal a decade earlier, Israel's president faces likely indictment for rape and sexual harassment of four women. Clinton was also accused of rape by one woman (Ms. Brodrick) but charges were never filed and although he admitted to perjury to worm out of the sexual harassment lawsuit, he was not forced to resign. Israel's president is not likely to be as lucky. His wife is "standing by him" (just as Hillary did) but his party is not. They are demanding he resign. See Chick's THE ROYAL AFFAIR.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Venezuelan ruler Hugu Chavez made Dictator

Left Wing Socialist/Nationalist (fascist) Hugu Chavez is officially made a dictator by the vote of his party members in parliament, who said it would be more "efficient" if he could rule by decree (or dictate) for the next 18 months. (Hitler was given similar powers by his parliament.) This is the same Hugu Chavez who called Bush "the Devil" while speaking to the UN, and was hoping to be put in charge of the Human Rights committee. He's also a big buddy of fellow dictator Fidel Castro. Like Castro, he plans on stealing the oil and utility companies from their owners and claiming them for the State. The more Socialists change, the more they remain the same. See Chick's FAT CATS.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Saddam's Half Brother Cut in Half

Okay, not two even halves, but when he was hanged today, the rope cut off his head. Somebody up there must not care much for Saddam and company. They keep having gruesome executions. Then again, it's better than being gassed like rats in the basement, which is what Saddam did to hundreds of thousands of Kurds. Either way, expect this latest event to continue to fuel the Islamic feud between sects in Iraq. See Chick's MEN OF PEACE?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bush Addresses The Nation About Iraq

President Bush addresses the nation to say he plans on sending about 20,000 more troops to fight in Iraq. Leading Democrats, who earlier said they would not cut off funding to the troops, reverse course and threaten not plan to pay for any additional troops. The new speaker of the house told Meet The Press in 2004 that the President should order more troops, but now she says "Americans want a new direction." If new troops are not sent and we are currently losing the war, doesn't that mean the only direction left would be failure? See Chick's HOLY JOE.

Dems Up Wage Minimum & Illegal Immigration

Democrats start their first 100 hours by increasing the minimum wage from a little over $5 to over $7 per hour. The move provides even more of an incentive for employers to replace US workers with illegals, who are paid under the table and therefore not effected by the minimum wage. Senator Ted Kennedy, a big advocate for Amnesty for Illegals, led the charge to raise the wage. Earlier editions of WHY NO REVIVAL state that the Vatican supports illegal immigration because it increases the number of Catholics in our country. (Both Kennedy and most all illegal Mexican immigrants are Catholic.) See Chick's WHY NO REVIVAL?

Monday, January 08, 2007

Polish Archbishop Resigns for Helping Commies

Warsaw's new Archbishop resigned Sunday after revelations of his collaboration with the Communist secret police came to light. Stanislaw Wielgus had just been promoted to the new post, and was minutes away from being formally installed, but then bailed as more information came forward. The popular perception is that Pope John Paul's opposition to communism helped inspire the pro-Solidarity movement, but new revelations show many high ranking Catholics were collaborators with the communist equivalent of the Gestapo. Wielgus is the highest ranking Church leader to be effected so far. Alberto told Chick that the Catholic Church secretly supported communism, and promotes revolution and leftists politics via Liberation Theology. See Chick's full color comics, THE GOD FATHERS.

Islamafascists Worship Saddam Moon God

Some Muslim supporters of Saddam are claiming that his face has appeared on the full moon after his Dec. 30 execution. Iraqis are famous for their superstitious. One rumor said Saddam's sister-in-law had paid $2,000,000 to a fortune teller make Saddam invisible. (If so, he should have used that power to avoid hanging.) Now some believe he is in the heavens and they should pray to the new "moon god."

Meanwhile, anti-West & anti-death penalty types are claiming that the taunts Saddam got before he was killed made him look like a hero and have turned him into a martyr. If he had not been taunted, they would have claimed it proved he was popular. Of course, if had killed 250,000 of their friends and relatives, they would have taunted him too. But history has shown no such backlash against executions of deadly dictators occurs. Mussolini was hanged upside down on meat hooks (along with his girl friend) by partisans. The body was mutilated and desecrated. Yet you don't see any statues to him anymore. See Chick's THE EXECUTION.

Friday, January 05, 2007

CNN Airs Hate programming

CNN, considered by many the "Fox News" of liberals, aired a hit piece on Pastor O'Neal Dozier, a fundamentalist evangelist. The report was aired on Paula Zahn Now, a program that uses a sexy blond reporter to attract viewers. In it, perky Paula not only accuses Dozier of discriminating against Arabs, but also disseminating what she concludes is "hate lit"-- Chick tracts! The tracts shown are WHO IS ALLAH and MEN OF PEACE?, and she confers with a panel of pro-Muslim "experts" who condemn Dozier and his ministry. Dozier is a black minister who was featured on the cover of November/December 2006 issue of Battlecry. He uses Chick tracts to alert people to the less attractive aspects of Islam. If literature that criticizes other religions is automatically deemed "hate lit", then news pieces that criticize Christian publishers would be "hate programming". Interesting enough, controversial religious literature is protected by the first amendment, but similar television broadcasts are not. FDR created the FCC so he could revoke the license of (then radio) broadcasters who aired controversial religious editorials (like the extremely popular Father Coughlin, whom he ran off the air, then revoked his mailing privilages so he couldn't mail his editorials either). Hopefully Chick- and Zahn- will both continue to enjoy their rights to have their controversial messages seen and heard. See Chick's WHO IS ALLAH?

104th Congress Takes Power

The 104th Congress assumed Control on Jan 4. Democrats take power away from the previous GOP Representatives. According to NPR, this Congress has more Jews than it does Episcopalians-- a first in American history. The House and Senate Jews (all but three being Democrats) are also more liberal and wealthier than other Representatives on average. The new Democratic House Speaker promised to lead "the most honest Congress in history"... and then proceeded to break her promise to allow anyone other than Democrats to offer amendments. (The more things change, the more they remain the same.) See Chick's THE MAD MACHINE.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Pat Robertson Predicts Terror Attacks for 2007

700 Club leader Pat Robertson made his yearly predictions today. For 2007, he predicts a major terrorist attack that could kill millions of Americans. He didn't say it would be a nuclear attack, but that it might be. See Chick's REV. WONDERFUL.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Chick Releases Another Black Tract: FAME

Chick also reworked his earlier tract, THE STAR, with a black cast. The new Negro tract is called FAME. It's the same story, just more targeted toward a black audience.

Chick's New Tract: Heart Trouble!

Chick releases a new tract for 2007, called Heart Trouble. It's drawn by Chick and involves a doctor who converts a patient with a heart condition.

Mormon Announces Bid For President

Gov. of Massachusetts Mitt Romney announces his bid to become President. He's a Conservative Republican with experience rescuing failing companies, but he's also a Mormon. Polls show as many as 38% of Americans wouldn't want a Mormon President regardless of who it is. Most Christians consider Mormonism a cult since it only considers Jesus as a prophet, and elevates Joe Smith as the latest, greatest prophet who revealed more than Jesus on how to get to Heaven. See Chick's THE VISITORS.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

MA Lawmakers Finally Vote to allow Gay Marriage Ban on Ballot

After years of dodging voter demands that they start the process to put an amendment on the ballot to ban gay marriage, Massachusetts politicians finally take the first step to put in on 2008's ballot. Pro homosexual special interest groups have spent millions and threatened lawmakers if they voted for the measure, but even the state Supreme court told them they had to decide one way or the other. Rest assured, Ted Kennedy will do everything he can to derail democracy on this issue. See Chick's THE GAY BLADE.