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Friday, November 23, 2007

Richard Roberts, son of Oral Roberts, resigns from university

The president of Oral Roberts University, facing accusations he misspent school funds to support a lavish lifestyle, resigned on Friday, officials said. Richard Roberts' resignation is effective immediately, according to a statement e-mailed from George Pearsons, chairman of the school's Board of Regents.

Roberts and the evangelical university have come under fire since three former professors sued last month, alleging wrongful termination.

The lawsuit includes allegations of a $39,000 shopping tab at one store for Richard Roberts' wife, Lindsay, a $29,411 Bahamas senior trip on the university jet for one of Roberts' daughters, and a stable of horses for the Roberts children.

Roberts, son of school founder and televangelist Oral Roberts, had been on temporary leave from the university, fighting the accusations against him. The Board of Regents had ordered an outside probe of the school's finances.

In a recent interview, Roberts and his wife denied wrongdoing. He has said the lawsuit amounted to "intimidation, blackmail and extortion."
On Friday, he said in the statement that he loved the university, of which he became president in 1993.

"I love ORU with all my heart," he said. "I love the students, faculty, staff and administration and I want to see God's best for all of them."

It's very likely that Richard Roberts does love his daddy's university with all his heart, as it has provided a lavish and unaccountable lifestyle for himself and his family all these years. Maybe Richard will lock himself up in the Prayer Tower like Oral did in 1987 and state that if his supporters don't call for him to resume his presidency at ORU, then God will call him home. Will Richard's home with the Lord in heaven also have horse stables? Stay tuned.

Friday, November 02, 2007

First New Crusaders Comic in 19 years now released!!!!

Chick Publications has released the newest Crusaders Comic, vol. 18, entitled "The Enchanter."
This time around, Jack T. Chick, with the assistance of David Daniels, takes on Mormonism. This is not only the first episode of "The Crusaders" without Alberto since volume 12, but the first Crusaders issue in 19 years. The last issue was "The Prophet," vol. 17, wherein Chick took on Islam with the help of the late Alberto Rivera.