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Friday, August 14, 2009

Edwards Ends 18 Months of Denials

John Edwards is expected to publicly admit he is the father of the daughter of his former mistress, Rielle Hunter, sources told North Carolina's WRAL News on Thursday. The report followed a story in the National Enquirer that a DNA test proves Edwards' paternity of 18-month-old Frances.

The National Enquirer, which broke the original story about the extramarital affair between Edwards and Hunter, cited "multiple sources" in reporting that Edward took a secret DNA test for paternity. The former senator and presidential candidate has previously denied that he is the baby's father; his wife Elizabeth has said she doesn't know the girl's paternity.

The Enquirer quotes a close friend of Hunter's: "Rielle had no choice but to demand John take a DNA test. She was worried about getting long-term financial support for her daughter. So she hired an attorney, and John consented to undergo a secret swab test to establish paternity."

"There was no surprise," said the friend, according to the Enquirer. "The results of the DNA test proved John was Frances' daddy."

Edwards, who was one of three Democratic Presidential hopefuls, denied he was the father for 18 months. Instead, he had a campaign worker claim he was the father. When Edwards was caught visiting his mistress after midnight in a hotel, he hid out in the hotel bathroom while reporters waited outside. Even so, the mainstream media didn't carry the story until after the Enquirer all but proved its allegations against the outspoken liberal.

Last week, Hunter was seen entering a courthouse in North Carolina and leaving nine hours later. She apparently testified before a federal grand jury, which is investigating whether Edwards broke campaign finance laws by allegedly paying off Hunter and aide Andrew Young, who claimed paternity of the child in 2007. Young reportedly testified last month to the same grand jury.

After receiving the DNA test results, the Enquirer reports that lawyers for Hunter and Edwards are negotiating child support payments for the girl. Edwards earned his millions by suing others as a personal injury lawyer. Now it is he who is being forced to pay up by other lawyers representing his daughter and his mistress.

Edwards is expected to make the public admission about being the father before the end of the investigation, according to WRAL News. When Hunter brought the baby with her to the courthouse, she appeared to deliberately force her baby to turn its face toward the waiting TV cameras. It seemed as if she were trying to publicly demonstrate her daughter's physical resemblance to Edwards for the media. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! See Chick's BABY TALK.


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